Swap Shoes and Clothing Online – The Latest Eco Trend

Money tight? Got a closet full of unused clothes and shoes? Hate to throw away good stuff? Want to stop adding to the waste stream? There are so many reasons to look at alternatives to buying new. Most people know about thrift stores and consignment shops and you probably have your own reasons for or against them but have you heard about the growing trend of swapping?

Somewhere right now, someone is planning a swap party or free sale. They are a bit like a Tupperware party where no one buys anything but you still walk away with something “new to you.” They are fun and a great way to swap your still serviceable shoes and clothing for items you want. The problem is they don’t happen often enough and you are limited to what someone else in your area brought to swap. Why not cast a larger net and see what people are swapping across the country?

Swapping Shoes
Shoes are a great item to swap online. A good photo will tell so much about their condition, sizes are fairly standard, and they are cheap to send by mail or UPS. There are a few details to pay attention to so that your shoes will appear desirable and you will be sure you are getting the shoes you want.

Shoe Swapping Tips

  • Take Clear Photos: Make your shoes look their best. Take a clear, well-lit photo of them showing as much of the shoe as possible. If the shoe swap site allows you to upload more than one photo, be sure to upload a photo of any problem areas on the shoe (better to be honest!) and upload a photo of the shoe soles. The sole photo alone will tell a potential swap partner so much about the shoe. If you say they were only worn once, your sole photo will prove it. If your shoes are a patent leather-like material and the photo looks washed out or the flash is reflecting oddly off the shoes, try using a bright desk lamp to light your shoes instead.
  • Grab Them with a Great Title: Tell people everything they need to know and they will appreciate it. Avoid using a generic title for your shoes. Would you bother to look at shoes simply called “Heels” or “Black Flats”? Think about what makes your shoes so great and add it to the title. For example, descriptions like “4 inch Black Heels with Beautiful Braided Straps” or “Sexy Designer Detny Boots – Almost New” not only tell a lot more about the shoes you want to trade but engage people’s interest from the start. Many people will click through just to see what kind of braided straps or why the boots are considered sexy. Grab their eye!
  • Describe, Describe, Describe: When it comes to writing the description for your shoes, don’t forget that people can’t simply pick up the shoes, look them over and slide them on. Describe the height of the heel (if applicable). Mention if they have laces, buckles, velcro, or snaps (it’s not always obvious from the photo). Describe the condition of the sole, the overall fit, and how comfortable they are. It doesn’t take a lot of extra time to be thorough and it can turn an ignored pair of shoes into something desirable.

Example Shoe Swapping Site:
Check out Shoe Swappers at http://shoeswappers.com.

Swapping clothes
Swapping clothing online can be very liberating and exciting. When you shop for clothes in the mall or department store you pretty much know what you are going to find. Ho-hum! Swap sites, on the other hand, can contain anything! Do you like retro, euro, simple, formal, funky, chic? It’s all out there. As with shoes there are tricks to making your clothing swaps a success every time.

Clothes Swapping Tips

  • Model Shots Win: When putting clothing up for swap, clear photos do a lot of the work for you, but nothing shows off clothes better than seeing them on someone. Some people go so far as to stage their model shots as if the photo were from a catalog. You don’t need to go to all that effort. A simple photo of the shirt, pants, dress, etc on a fellow human will work well enough and be ten times better than shooting the clothes lying flat on the floor.
  • Go Beyond a Description: When describing an article of clothing in the swap title or description field, why stop at telling people what it looks like? Tell them what it feels like to wear it. Was it comfortable? Did it have a “formal feel” or does it make you feel like a million bucks? Suggest when to wear it: “great for work”, “perfect for date night”, etc. Also, never forget to describe the true condition of the clothes or risk making an unhappy swapper. If you wore it ten times, say so. It doesn’t mean that it’s worn out and swappers are a very forgiving bunch if you make an honest effort to be accurate.

Example Clothing Swapping Site:
Check out Rehash Clothes at http://rehashclothes.com.

Final Tips
When swapping anything online, don’t forget to respond quickly to questions sent through the swap interface. Most of the time, active swappers are looking at many items at once. If a swapper is willing to trade what he or she has for a few different shoes or dresses, it is often the first person to respond that gets the swap.

One last point. When you agree to swap with someone, go through with it 100%. Ship or meet to swap your goods quickly and do everything you can to protect your online reputation. If there is a disagreement, work to resolve it as best you can. Be prepared to reverse the swap if all else fails. I never swap with anyone unless they have a great reputation no matter how much I want what they’ve got. It’s just not worth it.

Good luck and get swapping!

Swap Your Clothes For a Great New Wardrobe

Clothes swapping is the latest fashion craze to hit the UK. It is a great way to get a new wardrobe without spending any money. It is also a great way to recycle and more importantly a fun and risk free way to try out new looks.

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but you only ever wear a few of them, you probably need to have a bit of a clear out and swap the clothes that you don’t wear for something that you will wear. It is really quite easy to clear out your wardrobe. Look through your clothes and decide what you have not worn for at least a year. If you have worn something in the last year, you are unlikely to wear it in the next year. You can also get rid of anything that doesn’t fit properly as it will probably never fit properly. Also clothes that don’t make you look of feel great should go. You should never wear these clothes as they will do nothing for your self confidence.

Once you have a pile of clothes, it is time to let the swapping begin. You can either go along to a clothes swapping party or arrange your own or swap through a clothing swap website. If you are a ion as for you. If you don’t have time for parties and want to spend a little more time considering swap then you can swap your clothes online. Just take some pictures, set up account and off you go. Try and give as much information as you can about your clothes. If you are nit sure about any clothes that you want to swap, ask the owner.

At swapping parties, use the time for browsing to look at as many of the clothes as possible. Look for clothes in your size and items that you love and could perhaps be altered to fit. As you browse get together a list in your head of first, second choice etc. That way if you do not manage to get your first choice, you will still have some other options.

Once you have swapped all of your unwanted clothes, you should have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love and make you feel great. If you ever get fed up of these clothes, don’t forget that you can always swap them again and some more great clothes.

Clothes Swapping – A Great Way to Get Affordable, Sustainable Style

Clothes swaps are the latest craze. It all started with parties or swishing, which are an ideal way to have fun, meet with friends and refresh your wardrobe. The term swishing was coined by Futerra Sustainability Communications, an agency promoting sustainability. Now, clothes swap websites have also become very popular and give swappers more control over what they are swapping and what they will get in return. Websites are also a quick and convenient way to swap and give a huge amount of swapping choice.

Clothes swapping is great for those on a budget as it does not usually cost very much if anything at all. Sometimes clothes swapping parties charge a small entrance fee or if you swap using a website you will usually need to pay the postage charge but overall the costs of swapping are very small considering what you are likely to gain.

Not only is clothes swapping a great alternative to shopping as it does not cost money, it also helps to minimize the impacts of clothing disposal and manufacture on the environment. The disposal of clothing and textiles is currently a huge problem. By recycling your clothes when you no longer want them, you can help to reduce the problem.

The manufacturing of new clothing also has a wide range in environmental impacts including pollution, use of pesticides and carbon dioxide emissions. Buy swapping clothes instead of buying new, you can help to reduce all of these impacts.

One of the most important aspects of clothes swapping is that it is fun. There is no better way to try out a new look or style of clothing than by swapping. It gives you the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe when ever you like and you need never get bored of your existing clothes.