Give Clothes Swishing A Go!

You may be reading the title of this article and wondering what on Earth I mean! However clothes swishing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and around the world. Basically it is a party where women can go and hang up clothing and accessories they have never or hardly worn or used. The fun part is that you can hang up your garments and go and take other peoples home for free!

The amount of people that go out shopping looking for new clothes then end up buying loads of different things is common. They end up wearing the one favourite piece that they have bought and the others get left past their 28 days return. Some people buy in desperation from not finding anything at all, although deep down they know it will not get worn due to not being their colour or correct fit. If you find yourself in one of these categories, and look in your wardrobe to find too many items with price tags still attached there is something you can do. Make sure you have a look for a local clothes swishing event online, or create your own!

Waking down the street you see an array of individual fashion. Some peoples clothing may take your fancy but you find out they had bought it months or years ago and is no longer in store. If you attend a swishing party you may just find a piece you love that is no longer available! Swishing parties have turned global with women all over the world from Mexico City to Paris wishing to host them.

Clothes swap parties do come with some rules. When arriving at the party you need to bring some items with you that you would be proud to pass on. If it does not have a label on it must still be in good condition. Also you can take away clothes for free but the rule of etiquette is to only take away the same number of items that you have brought. You will find a number of high street clothing but if you are lucky and arrive promptly you will be able to find some designer clothing and accessories too!

Swish parties do sound great and they also have a message behind them to look after our environment. Throwing these parties will help reduce the waste that is produced by people throwing away clothes. If you want to find vintage or high end clothing there is a possibility. If you are just there to enjoy the day with friends and hopefully pick up a few high street pieces, then either way these parties will be the perfect place for you to attend.

How to Save Money on Infant Toddler Clothing

Toddler clothes are small but shopping for them can truly be expensive. Some of them can even cost more than adults’ clothes do. Now, the thing about infant toddler clothing is they are not really used as much as adult clothing are. For instance, your baby can easily outgrow some of her clothes. Some, on the other hand, can get ruined after being worn once or twice. For these reasons, parents should not really spend outrageous amounts of cash just to dress their little ones up. Toddlers are toddlers, and for some reasons, they just always look cute no matter what.

In order to save some cash when shopping for infant toddler clothing, there are some things you can do:

– Buy at Consignment Sales – A lot of branded clothing for toddlers is found at consignment stores. Some of the clothes will even have the original store tags on them. Who said Guess, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Carter’s are only for the well-off? They can be bought at consignment sales for a significant discount. This is why you must watch out for major community consignment sales. Oftentimes, these are announced in advance to the general public.

– Buy Online – Infant toddler clothing can be bought online as well. In fact, there are plenty of options all over the World Wide Web. You can try online auctions. If you have a specific brand in mind, you may visit their website and see if you could catch some special deals. You might also be able to find some discount coupons which you can use in their stores. These coupons will surely save you some cash.

– Have an infant toddler clothing swap – During a party or a get-together with some family and friends, why not ask if anyone is interested in making a clothing swap with you? Those who have kids at the same age as your child would surely be willing to trade so their children can also have a “new” set of clothes. In fact, you can do this in a group. Everyone who wants to participate can bring their toddler clothes that are free of defects. Then you can let everyone go through the choices and pick the ones they think would suit their child. In case of any leftover, they can be donated to charity and help those who are needy.

– Buy on Sale in Advance – Although it may sound funny to be shopping for summer infant toddler clothing during the winter, you should still do it especially when there’s a chance of a sale. In fact, if you find a sale in the department store and the discounted clothes are from the last season, you should still consider taking some them as long as you are able to use them. Take the risk and stock up on some clothes. This can save you cash instead of buying them in season at their original price. Just make sure to estimate the size right.

Clothes Swapping and Second Hand Clothes – A History

Clothes swapping, buying and selling second hand clothes is hugely popular at the moment. It seems to be a back lash against the consumerism and throw away society that dominates our modern lives. But buying, selling and even swapping second hand clothes is nothing new. As with most good ideas, it has been going on for years, one way or another.

Trading of clothes goes way back into history as does trading of many other items in times when people did not have so much money. Clothes were traditionally made to last and mended/ repaired as required to prolong their life to the maximum. There are many examples of recycling of second hand clothing in history which include the rag and bone man collecting up old clothes (along with other items) with his horse and cart and the Salvation Army collecting donations of second hand clothes in Victorian times when poverty was rife.

During World War 2, swaps were organized to help preserve valuable and scarce resources. They initially started with children’s clothes and then expanded to include adults clothes as well. They became very popular in the UK, where they allowed people to get some new clothes whilst remaining anonymous.

In the Sixties, clothes swapping was popular briefly and the second hand clothes industry has been growing ever since. Vintage fashion and second hand clothes sales have increased slowly over the last few decade, perhaps due to greater awareness of the environmental impact and waste associated with fast fashion or perhaps as consumers become increasingly keen to look individual and different.

Swishing parties have become hugely popular in the US over the last few years (although they have been going on for a lot longer) and this has now also spread to the UK. Organizations like Futerra Communications, which has coined the term ‘swishing’ to describe clothes swapping parties and worked to promote recycling of clothes.

The global recession is 2008/2009 has also played it’s part in the increased popularity of clothes swapping. As disposable income becomes more scarce, people are looking for new ways to look stylish on a budget. Celebrities like Lindsey Lohan have also been reported as swapping their clothes for charity giving clothes swapping celebrity status.